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Talking with Your Adult Patients about Alcohol, Drug, and/or Mental Health Problems

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A Discussion Guide for Primary Health Care Providers
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This guide provides clinicians with questions to begin discussions with adult patients about mental illness, substance use disorders, or both. It includes resources for patients who need an evaluation after a positive screening.

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August 2010

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The Next Step Toward a Better Life

This brochure describes the stages of recovery from alcohol and drug misuse, and what to expect after leaving detoxification services. It offers guidance on adjusting to sobriety, and long-term recovery. The brochure also discusses legal issues, and lists resources.

Alcohol and Depression: Steve’s Path to a Better Life (based on TIP 42)

This comic book helps raise awareness about co-occurring disorders. It addresses negative public perceptions about the condition and available treatment options.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment: How it Works, and How It Can Help You (Spanish Version)

Provee una visión general del tratamiento del abuso de sustancias en relación con el sistema de justicia penal. Incluye P&R relacionadas con consejería, manejo del enojo y alternativas para la encarcelación. Incluye una guía de recursos para el tratamiento del abuso de sustancias, consejería y grupos de autoayuda.

This item comes in packs of 50.

Finding Quality Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

This fact sheet serves as a guide for individuals seeking behavioral health treatment. It provides three necessary steps to complete prior to utilizing a treatment center and the five signs of a quality treatment center, which include a review of the accreditation, medication, evidence-based practices, position on the role of families, and support networks.

Drugs, Alcohol and HIV/AIDS: A Consumer Guide

This brochure promotes awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS among people living with substance use disorders. It explains the link between substance misuse and HIV/AIDS, underlines the importance of treatment, and offers a list of resources.