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Getting Ahead of a Problem

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This data visualization illustrates the drinking habits of adolescents to inform parents/guardians and communities.

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June 2023

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Underage Drinking: Myths vs. Facts

This fact sheet is written specifically for preteens and teens. It compares the myths with the facts about alcohol use among youth and the effects of alcohol use. This fact sheet can help parents and prevention professionals start conversations about underage drinking and alcohol misuse.

Take Action to Prevent Underage Alcohol Use

This data visualization illustrates the steady decline of alcohol use amongst adolescents, informing parents/guardians and communities that taking action against underage drinking is effective.

Talk. They Hear You. 5 Conversation Goals: Talking with Teens About Alcohol and Other Drugs – Mini Brochure

A mini brochure for parents and caregivers on the five goals to keep in mind when having conversations about alcohol and substance use with their teens. This item comes in packs of 50.

Talk. They Hear You. Campaign Fact Sheet

This fact sheet relates to the public service announcement from SAMHSA's “Talk. They Hear You.” campaign sharing relevant facts about the campaign's history and focus on alcohol and other drugs, such as marijuana and opioids.

Talk. They Hear You: Before They Get Behind the Wheel - Postcard

A postcard-sized print public service announcement encouraging parents to talk with their children about alcohol and other substances.

This item comes in packs of 50.